Alcuin to Charlemagne: Speaking Truth to Power

"Faith is, as St. Augustine teaches, born of will, not compulsion. A person can only be attracted into Christianity: he can never be forced. If a person is forced to be baptized, it is useless for engendering true faith, except in a baby. An adult must be able to answer personally for his own beliefs … Continue reading Alcuin to Charlemagne: Speaking Truth to Power

Missing the Middle

Courage Comes from Rightly Formed Loves In The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis famously warns that we are creating "men without chests." Though this phrase is often coopted by a sort of MMA brand of "manly Christianity," taking it out of context to advocate for a simplistic real-men-don't-cry, pec-thumping evangelicalism, that is the last … Continue reading Missing the Middle