Hearing Voices: The Dual Invitations in Proverbs 9

by Brian Allred This is one of three articles on Proverbs 9. This blog series supplements Brian Allred's video series The Way the World Works...Except When it Doesn't. Long before Vladimir Putin became the leader of Russia, there was Nicholas II, the last of the Russian Tsars during World War I. The downfall of Nicholas … Continue reading Hearing Voices: The Dual Invitations in Proverbs 9

Adoption: The Highest Privilege

"Adoption...is the highest priviledge that the gospel offers: higher even than justification.... Adoption is higher, because of the richer relationship with God that it involves...Justification is a forensic idea, conceived in terms of law and viewing God as judge. In justification, God declares of penitent believers that they are not, and never will be, liable … Continue reading Adoption: The Highest Privilege