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ASC in Comment Commons

We were recently highlighted in Comment Magazine‘s newsletter, The Commons. Take a peek here. We have been building relationships with the staff of several Christian and culture journals. Perhaps we’ll have a bit more to share along those lines in coming newsletters.

If you are not yet familiar with Comment Magazine, consider a subscription. It will not disappoint.

Beautiful Evening for an Open House!

If you weren’t able to join us, we missed you. Adam did a great job of capturing the evening in pictures and film. Spend a little time in the images below and you’ll get a sense of the rich fellowship and joy of the Lord that was shared that evening. We’ve decided that this was the first Annual Open House. See you all there next year!

New Videos & Upcoming Programs

This is week one of Brian Allred teaching The Way the World Works…Except When it Doesn’t: Exploring the Wisdom Literature of Scripture. Week two is tonight at 7pm. If you can’t join us in person, join us at home. Watch this episode and keep your eyes on our YouTube channel for episode 2 to drop next week.

This one was a blast, and full of surprises. Give Carl a listen, and see if you don’t learn to laugh at yourself just a bit more freely.

Coming UP:

October 27 — The Friday before Halloween:

The rest of our programming—Hermeneutics class, Scarlet Letter book group, open hours, and more—continues to go well. We are challenging and encouraging one another to find Christ in all of life and work for the flourishing of our city and the university. The community being built here is uniquely ecumenical, inter-disciplinary, and inter-generational. Thank you for making it possible.

If you have not yet pledged an annual or monthly gift, please consider doing so. Thank you.

In Christ, in whom all things hold together,

Dan Daugherty, Executive Director

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