Discussing enduring human questions with clarity & charity

Rarely a day goes by without a report of our inability to discuss our differences with clarity and charity: scholars are silenced, lectures interrupted, celebrities cancelled, lives and reputations destroyed by twitter trolling. Both within the university and broader civic culture, we are increasingly angry, addled, and alienated—so focused on what we believe to be the darkness or dimness in others, we can no longer see clearly ourselves.

– Cheri Harder

“Jesus didn’t come to make us Christian. Jesus came to make us fully human.”

– Hans Rookmaaker

Seeking Truth, Goodness, and Beauty where they may be found

“One of the most enduring and salient features of the Western philosophical tradition is its openness to disagreement and debate, its propensity to self-reflection, self-critique, and even self-doubt; not as a path toward skepticism or despair, but as a means of pursuing the truth.”

– Ian Church

Our Mission

To cultivate human flourishing,

Feed the moral imagination,

and seek the common good

through the robust Christian tradition of

thoughtful discourse,

integrated education

and cultural engagement.

Our Commitments

ASC welcomes all, regardless of viewpoint, to have civil dialogue regarding enduring human questions.

ASC supports excellence in scholarship and seeks to build positive relationships with the local university for the flourishing of its community.

ASC desires to cultivate redemptive culture-makers rather than consumers.

The beautiful woodcut of Alcuin of York was done on commission for us by Kreg Yingst. Click here to visit his site.

Alcuin Study Center is an Educational Public Charity 501(c)(3) and is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination.