Alcuin Study Center exists to help the university community to cultivate the fully human life.

ASC offers the space and resources for students, faculty, and community members from any background to discover and explore the ligaments that hold every aspect of life together—faith & reason, body & mind, science & poetry, work & play, laughter & sorrow, church & the academy, God & man, Christ & culture—in hopes of awakening the imagination to what T. S. Eliot called The Permanent Things—Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—thereby cultivating the flourishing of every human being, each of whom bears the image of God.

Alcuin Study Center is located in Muncie Indiana, near Ball State University. Our primary space is The Carriage House at 1401 W. Beechwood, Muncie, IN 47303. (note: this is NOT our mailing address. Our mailing address is 3110 W. Riverside Ave., Muncie, IN 47304)

“Jesus didn’t come to make us Christian. Jesus came to make us fully human.”

attributed to Hans Rookmaaker

Our Mission

Alcuin Study Center exists to cultivate human flourishing, feed the moral imagination, and seek the common good through the robust Christian tradition of thoughtful discourse, integrated education, and cultural engagement.

Our Commitments

ASC welcomes all, regardless of viewpoint, to have civil dialogue regarding enduring human questions.

ASC supports excellence in scholarship and seeks to build positive relationships with the local university for the flourishing of its community.

ASC desires to cultivate redemptive culture-makers rather than consumers.

“Tell me about the god you don’t believe in, because chances are, I don’t believe in that god either.”

Tim Keller

What We Believe

We believe that human beings were created in the image of God, and that to flourish as a human being is to have that image renewed.

We believe that the God in whose image we were made is also the God who created all things, and all things hold together in him, so a flourishing life is an integrated life.

We believe that the wholeness in which we were created was fragmented by sin and that Christ came to heal that fragmentation.

What We Do

We provide space for conversations between the church and the university.

We seek to explore the meaning of human flourishing via the tools of the historic Christian tradition.

We desire to cultivate the moral imagination through literature and arts.

To these ends, we offer lectures, book readings, creative collaborations, and seminar series.

See the Classes & Events page for what’s coming up.

Contact us to suggest a book or topic that you’d like to study.

Alcuin Study Center is not affiliated with any particular church or campus organization.