ASC gives to the Church…

In the introduction to his book, Such a Mind as This, Richard L. Smith observes, “Many evangelicals downplay analysis and rigorous thought. Some fall for ‘fake news’ and conspiracy theories hawked by social media gurus. They do not listen with discernment to the voices that call out to them. Reasoning from Scripture and theological education are not considered useful endeavors. In short, many believers minimize and misuse the intellect. They do not recognize how sin impacts our reasoning. They do not know how to love God with the mind.”

Smith then quotes Paul M. Gould who points out that most Christians in higher education have invested years into their area of study, but “often possess a Sunday school level of education when it comes to matters theological and philosophical…and the result is a patchwork attempt to integrate one’s faith with one’s scholarly work and an inability to fit the pieces of one’s life into God’s larger story.”

ASC helps Christians to think Christianly so that they can live Christianly.

because ASC is for the Church

Living Christianly means many things, and chief among them is being committed to a local church. ASC is not a replacement for the local church. We aim to supplement, not supplant. As we connect believers and unbelievers alike to great educational opportunities and resources, we simultaneously help them to be all the more committed to the Church in her various expressions in Muncie.

“Alcuin provides a great opportunity to discuss the scriptures and the great writers and thinkers of the Christian tradition. Many of my best days at Ball State have been filled with conversations about the eternal things with Dan and other people from Alcuin. Based on my experience with ASC, I see Alcuin’s work as an answer to the prayer of Jesus for unity in John 17, “that they may be one.” In the future, I look forward to connecting with more Christians on campus and engaging in meaningful discussion about the faith. I look forward pursuit of unity in truth, that we may bring the light of Christ to campus.”

Eli Sparks, BSU Junior, Economics Major