The term Christian Thought (or Christian Thinking) is a through-line on our website and in our programming.

Christian Thought

Christian Thought is both an historical body of work and a discipline. As an historical body, its composition begins with the Old and New Testaments, continuing through the early Church fathers, and becoming increasingly varied through the centuries not only in the works of Christian theologians and philosophers, but also in the work of Christian artists, poets, mathematicians, scientists, sociologists, legal experts, journalists, novelists, etc.

Christian Thought is also a discipline. It is the difficult work of deeply considering the multiple ways that Scripture should shape the way that individuals and Churches live in the world around them. This discipline begins with a solid understanding of Scripture and a commitment to think both logically and virtuously.

The aim of Christian Thought is a virtuous life. We have no desire to sit in our ivory tower and discuss the latest isms, pontificating great abstract truths. Christian Thought that does not result in loving people, seeking justice, and working for the welfare of the city is in fact, not Christian Thought at all. On the other hand, a lifestyle characterized by social activism or religious activity, though well-intentioned, may unwittingly conform to the spirit of the age, causing its light to grow dim. A well-examined life informed by the rich abundance of Christian Thought that has preceded us is indeed a life worth living.