From Reading Augustine On Education Formation, Citizenship, and the Lost Purpose of Learning by Joseph Clair

“Ordered love within the context of liberal arts education moves in three directions. First is the inward ordering of the soul that happens as one acquires the moral and intellectual virtues necessary for disciplined study. Second is the upward ordering of love for God—fulfillment of the command to love God with one’s whole mind. Third is the outward ordering of affection for other human beings and one’s sense of ethical responsibility to use education in service of the neighbor.” (p. 36)

“The Latin term disciplina from which the English word ‘discipline’ comes means both a branch of knowledge as well as the ordered way of life required for pursuing that kind of knowledge. Achieving discipline in one’s life—by successfully marshaling the requirements of leisure and space and moderation of appetites as a participant in a community of fellow learners—generally precedes the intellectual discipline that allows the various branches of learning to find their common root in the mind.” (p. 38)

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