Alcuin Study Center

While ASC at BSU is a new student group as of December 2022, Alcuin Study Center has been around since 2020. Most of Alcuin Study Center’s programming is open to everybody, student, faculty, community member. We believe demographic diversity is good for all. So if you’re new to us and trying to figure out what there is for students to do, just hover over the programming link in the menu and explore the classes, events, and other stuff. We’d love to see you there!

President Kevin Misbach

Meet Kevin. He’s the president of Alcuin Study Center at Ball State, or ASC at BSU, the student group of Alcuin Study Center.

Kevin is in his third semester of graduate studies, pursuing his masters degree in environmental management. He loves creating maps with GIS. He loves trying different foods and learning about other cultures. He loves people.

If you are a student at Ball State and interested in getting involved with us, please let us know!