Our namesake, Alcuin of York, invented the question mark, and we like to say around here that the quality of your life depends upon the quality of the questions you ask.

Meet Kevin Misbach, student President of ASC@BSU. Kevin is a graduate student who loves making maps.

Life’s Enduring Questions

What’s it all for?

Why are we here?

What does it mean to be human?

Why is there something instead of nothing?

Who or what is God?

How do I flourish?

How do I love?

And on and on….

A Place to Explore

For all of their differences, the Church & the University have this in common:

Each often discourages—either implicitly or explicitly—the questioning of their dearly held doctrines.

Alcuin Study Center is neither Church nor University. Doubts and questions are welcome. In fact, we explicitly encourage the examining of presuppositions and honest, charitable dialogue from differing points of view.

A Variety of Avenues

At Alcuin Study Center, we recognize that enduring human questions pop up everywhere—in literature, film, philosophy, theology, history, architecture, physics, biology, medicine, gardening, sports, music, art, and on and on.

And so we pursue the questions where they are found. Sometimes we bring in a speaker on a particular topic. Sometimes we dive into a piece of literature or a particular author or poet. Sometimes we study the Scriptures deeply. Sometimes we watch a film or listen to a piece of music.

We’re a pretty well-rounded bunch. We’d be even more so if you’d join us.