ASC programming is designed for both an a la carte experience and a scope and sequence of curriculum.

Events & Shorter Classes

For those who are limited on time, our events and shorter classes are good places to jump in. Choose something that looks interesting to you and join us.

Please note the word shorter. Some of these classes are only a couple of hours, but some of them are several weeks long. They vary greatly in length, but they are all shorter than our Core Courses.

The Events and Shorter Classes are meant to be lab classes of sorts, applying the ideas of our more robust Core Courses to various disciplines and vocations.

Core Courses

For those who would like a more systematized approach, we offer our four Core Courses. The four Core Courses provide the academic foundation for everything else we do and they are the heart of our Certificate of Christian Thought Program. These four courses require a higher level of commitment than the rest of our offerings.

You do not need to be enrolled in our Certificate of Christian Thought program to attend the Core Courses. We recommend taking the Core Courses in order, but that is not a requirement.

Certificate of Christian Thought

ASC’s Certificate of Christian Thought (CCT) is designed to provide the academic backdrop for the rest of what we do. Our four Core Courses make up the heart of Alcuin’s two-year CCT program. In addition to these four courses, a CCT candidate needs to complete 20 approved hours of Alcuin Study Center Shorter Classes or Events.

If the term Christian Thought is new to you, click here.