The Old and New Testaments of the Bible have shaped the Western world more than any other text. This is a series designed to teach students the tools of biblical theology as well as the content of the text itself.

By This All Will Know:

The Christian Call to Love in a World of Hate

Thursdays 7-8:15pm
Sep 29-Nov 3
1401 W. Beechwood Ave., Muncie IN
Brian Allred

Week 1
Love’s Explanation: Loving Biblically
Week 2
Love’s Example: Loving as We’ve Been Loved
Week 3
Love’s Excellence: Loving Above All
Week 4
Love’s Expression: Loving “The Other” as Ourselves
Week 5
Love’s Extreme: Loving our Enemies
Week 6
Love’s Endurance: Loving in a World in Need of Love