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Qualified: How to Think About Your Ministry Experience in Relation to Your Job Search
by Alcuin Study Center board member, Jeff Eads

Have you ever served in your campus ministry or gone on a mission trip? Have you ever worked at a summer camp or volunteered for your church’s youth ministry? Do you add these experiences to your resume? Is it strange to bring them up in an interview? Is your ministry experience an advantage or a deficit in your search for employment? In this quick read, Jeff Eads draws from his years of experience providing career coaching along with his own professional journey. You will be glad to discover that your time spent serving in ministry has also prepared you for others roles too. Through practical examples and reflective questions Jeff will help you frame your experiences to highlight the skills that have qualified you for your future career. The reader will consider eight specific competencies in relation to common ministry experiences.

“Solid, practical advice…this is what I wish someone had given me at the start of my career.” Hugh C. Whelchel, Executive Director, The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics and author of How Then Should We Work?