A Well-Tuned Life: The Music of Human Flourishing

A two-part series with Dr. Andrew Crow

Dr. Andrew Crow Bio

Dr. Andrew Crow has served as a church musician for over twenty years in a wide variety of Protestant denominations. Currently Director of Music Ministries for High Street United Methodist Church and Director of Choral Activities for Ball State University, he leads several choral ensembles, teaches conducting, and mentors students pursuing graduate degrees in choral music. Dr. Crow received the 2017 Mayor’s Award for Arts Leadership in the Muncie community. Each summer from 2011 to 2015 he led an intergenerational choir for a project called Musica in Situ, which toured to perform choral music in historic and interesting architectural spaces. He consistently contributes scholarship on topics such as intonation, score study, and rehearsal technique for professional organizations in the choral domain. Crow is also an experienced singer, orchestral conductor, and piano technician.

Tuesday May 23 7pm

High Street United Methodist Church


Thursday May 25 7pm

Alcuin Study Center

Tuesday, May 23 @ High Street United Methodist Church, 7pm

In this first session, Dr. Crow will explore two extended analogies:

  1. How does tuning a piano relate to leading a harmonious life?
  2. The scales and modes used in Western music follow patterns that naturally occur in the created world. We might call them a sort of salt of the earth. How might broad musical explorations into alternate scales and modes provide us with a few more spices and unlock the full flavor of life?

Thursday, May 25 @ Alcuin Study Center, 7pm

Dr. Crow will begin this second session with a compressed history of Western music as a means of opening up a discussion of broad musical and spiritual themes. Could changing and challenging the way talk about music advance ASC’s goal of cultivating human flourishing? We ask that you come with questions to discuss along these lines, but please join us even if you don’t have any questions to bring. This is sure to be a dynamic and fascinating discussion.